» Designing the time and space and inspiring the participants rather than teaching them is the challenge of today.«

We are your acting setting made in Germany and starting up in Portugal.

With us you can find out in small groups what it means to be on stage and grow beyond yourself!

In weekly courses or workshops we offer everyone aged 8+ acting lessons and the ultimate theatre experience with all facets of acting, short films, dance, stage combat, singing and coaching.

With us, YOU count! - And our aim is to always look again at what YOU need and  to design individual and needs-oriented lessons. With us you will find a break from everyday life.

Free from pressure to perform and with the opportunity to be strengthened and truly self-confident from within to go into life.

Act to Grow is personal development in its purest form and we are happy about everyone who follows this path with us.

  • Regular courses for all age groups
  • online courses
  • Workshops for small contributions and great feelings of happiness and your inner healing power
  • Changing lecturers and subject areas that you choose yourself
  • Personal coaching according to your needs and wishes (for example Speech- & Voicecoachings or Coachings for Interviews or Exams)
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION and support for specialists and experts in the CULTURAL SECTOR

              NOTE: All classes are in english.