Who we are & where we are

Matthias Jaschik

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Author
  • Executive Producer for Events
  • Dramaturg
  • Specialist for Cultural Education
  • Coach for Communication
  • Healthcoach

At the center of my work is the child in all of us and therefore the genius of every being. Through appreciation from all participants and the joy of the game, true art and culture can emerge. That's why I'm looking forward to everyone who wants to try out ATG and be inspired!


Gina Jaschik

  • Actress
  • Teacher for Acting and Dramatic Arts
  • NLP Practioner
  • Attachment and Relationship-Oriented Parents and Family Counselor (acc. to Katia Saalfrank)
  • "Understanding Children Better" - Course Leader
  • Birth Keeper


Children and young people are a matter close to my heart. My goal is to get away from the usual norms in the acting field and to offer you a setting that is free from pressure to perform and criticism and filled with freedom, trust and honest appreciation.


We are creating our own playground in Louriçal do Campo - our "Cultura" is growing constantly and we hope to open our doors for everyone soon.

And as long it takes, we are very thankful for the possibility to use the centro de animação social e cultural de Louriçal do Campo!

Muito obrigado!