1. Organization

The teaching material and teachers are determined by the management (Matthias Jaschik and selected lecturers). The minimum number of participants per course is

five students. Exceptions are possible at management’s discretion.

The management expressly reserves the right to cancel individual courses and merge them with others. In this case at least 4

Alternative courses offered weeks in advance.


2. Visit to class

a. The legal guardians or other accompanying persons are invited to separate presentations of the lesson material. Otherwise ask

We only come to the classroom in emergencies and only for the moment during the courses, as this is a significant distraction

course participant means. House rules lie with the organizer and the designated lecturers.

If a participant attends the course after a trial lesson that may have been declared free, this automatically constitutes consent from the

Terms and Conditions and is from this moment on for a fee: €20.00 per visit or the corresponding amount when taking out a membership.

b. PANDEMIC clause:

Should a decision by the Ministry of Culture or other government bodies of equal or higher rank require instruction for

declared impossible or prohibited or prohibited (commonly referred to as "LOCKDOWN"), an offer for online coaching is made

created that replace the course once a week. This does not constitute a special reason for termination. During this time the participation fee is reduced to 75%

normal fee per month of “lockdown”.

c. PANDEMIC guidelines:

All requirements of the Ministry of Culture for acting lessons in real form will be implemented by the organizer to the best of their knowledge and belief.


3. PR contacts and filming

As part of the teaching and PR activities of the setting, there may occasionally be filming or other press contacts during lessons

come. The exploitation rights are regulated by a separate declaration of consent.

If the student does not agree to utilization in principle or in the individual case, he is obliged to do so before the start of the process

to display filming.

By appearing on a set, whether a studio set, a film set or a stage with the requirement of a presentation, the participant automatically gives the

Consent to make any material available for ACT TO GROW’s advertising purposes in both print and media form. A claim to one

Product does not exist for the participants.


4. Fees

The tuition fee (12 x €35.00 per calendar year, for schoolchildren and 12 x €30.00 for students; adults: 12 x €40.00 per calendar year; as of:

January 1, 2024) is due on the first of each month and no later than the third working day of the month (received on the ACT TO GROW account).

pay. There must be proof of a standing order or a SEPA direct debit agreement. When registering a sibling/partner

a €5.00 discount is granted. This also applies to every additional registered sibling (not to other partners).

original price. Discounts for multiple occupancies can be requested from the management. This only applies to ongoing courses and not to workshops.

For one-off workshops, the participation fee is due at the time of registration and must be received no later than 10 working days before the start of the workshop

received by us (receipt of payment by us is decisive, not dispatch). If class participation is interrupted (up to 6 months after

agreement), a full monthly fee is due once.


5. Class cancellation

Lessons missed due to illness of the lecturer or for other reasons will be made up by arrangement. A

Failure to attend classes by the student cannot be reimbursed or made up.

Force majeure or exceptional situations are excluded - appropriate measures will be announced by email.


6. School holidays and public holidays

There are NO lessons during regular school holidays (Castelo Branco district) or on national holidays (including country-specific official holidays).


7. Liability of ACT TO GROW for damages

a. ACT TO GROW is liable for grossly negligent and intentional breaches of duty, as well as for physical damage caused by simple negligence. At

In the event of slight negligence, ACT TO GROW is only liable in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations and is limited to the breach at the time of conclusion of the contract

foreseeable damage. This restriction does not apply to injury to life, body or health. For other slight negligence by one

ACT TO GROW is not liable for any damage caused by a lack of service. Any liability due to pre-contractual negligence (c.i.c.) or after

the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

b. The same applies to the liability of our agents.

c. Regardless of any fault on the part of ACT TO GROW, any liability remains in the event of fraudulent concealment of a defect or from the

The assumption of a guarantee or assurance is unaffected. d. ACT TO GROW is not liable for accidents on the way to or from class

Loss of clothing or other valuables during class or on the way or back.


8. Termination/cancellations of workshops

Both contractual partners have the right to terminate the contractual relationship with one month's notice to the end of the month without giving reasons

quit. Termination must be made in writing and addressed to:

ACT TO GROW, Estrada da Oles, Quinta da Oles, 6005-210 Lourical do Campo.

Absence from class does not constitute termination and does not release you from the obligation to pay until the end of the contract. The mutual

The right to extraordinary, immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected. ACT TO GROW has an important reason for this

Late payment of or equal to two monthly installments. The entitlement to the fee remains in any case.

One-off workshops can be canceled free of charge by notifying ACT TO GROW in writing up to 14 days before the start of the workshop. At

If the workshop is canceled within 14 days before the start of the workshop, the full participation fee will be charged. It remains the case for both contractual partners

is free to prove that the short-term cancellation resulted in no or only minor damage.


9. Privacy Policy

a. The personal data collected during registration is handled by ACT TO GROW, owner Matthias

Jaschik, Estrada da Oles, Quinta da Oles, 6005-210 Lourical do Campo, for the purpose of managing, administering and controlling educational measures within the framework of

Training collected, processed and used.

Participants can revoke this consent at any time without disadvantage. ACT TO GROW assures that my data protection concerns

guaranteed without restriction and no data will be transmitted to third parties unless this is necessary for the implementation of the contract

is required.

b. When you register, the following data is collected and stored by ACT TO GROW: Last name, first name and date of birth

Contractual partner (the child) and their legal representative for minors, postal address (street, postal code, city, country), telephone number and

an e-mail address. This information is marked with a “*)” in the input fields provided. In addition, only data from ACT

TO GROW is stored, which you provide voluntarily.

c. The above-mentioned data is collected and stored exclusively to fulfill the school performance of ACT TO GROW

towards the contractual partner.